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Yanasa TV is a broadcast network by Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC an Agricultural Media and Production Company. The Network includes a number of series produced in partnership with Yanasa Ama Ventures, Opaliris Studios, and Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

“Our goal is to create a media experience that attracts a wide variety of viewers with a united interest in rural life and agriculture and from that audience promote a viable, accepted, and regenerative future for small distinctive farmers. While global leaders work to reimagine and reinvent rural communities, we are working to preserve and rebrand rural communities. “

Charlie Rankin – Producer

Ways To Watch YANASA TV

Yanasa Ama Ventures has traditionally hosted content primarily on YouTube. However as 2020 progressed and many media distribution sites began using algorithms based on their own social agenda and not viewer participation. As a result we no longer exclusively publish our content to YouTube.

The journalist, as a publisher, may tell a bias story. The distributor of information, should respect the freedom of thought, conversation, and all voices.

As of 2021 YANASA TV is working on expanding our media platform to include a variety of broadcast venues. Check back regularly to find more ways to watch as we expand our viewership, message, and accessibility.

We are currently on YouTube and “rolling out” content onto Rumble. We will continue our expansion in 2021 to include Roku TV, Daily Motion, and other streaming platforms.

Currently Streaming On:


(The entire Parler site has currently been taken down)

Coming Soon: