Why Brahman

Why Brahman Cattle with the Eastern Brahman Breeders Association

Brahman Cattle, an American breed.

“Why Brahman”

The Eastern Brahman Breeders Association and Yanasa Ama Ventures present “Why Brahman” a film about the Brahman Cattle an American breed of cattle.

Members of the Eastern Brahman Breeders Association and American Brahman Breeders Association explain the benefits of Brahman and how Brahman Cattle create cleaner, healthier, and environmentally friendly beef. Brahman is an American breed of bos indicus beef cattle that was bred in the United States around 1885 to create a more sustainable species. This hardy breed has many unique characteristics that help it adapt to almost any environment.
Co-Produced by the Eastern Brahman Breeders Association https://www.EasternBrahman.com and Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC https://www.Yanasa.us

Cyana Briles – Briles Farm Brahmans of North Carolina https://www.brilesfarm.com
Travis McCutchen – McCutchen Land & Cattle of South Carolina https://www.mlcbrahmans.com
Chris Shivers – Infinity Cattle Services Texas https://www.infinitycattle.com
John Scott McGill III – McGill Farms of South Carolina https://www.mcgillfarms.com
Nikki Johnson-Corley – JH Brahman & JH Genetics of Tennessee https://www.jhbrahmans.com
Harry Johnson – JH Brahman & JH Genetics of Tennessee https://www.jhbrahmans.com
David Glisson – G5 Ranch of Georgia https://www.g5cattle.com
Shawn Singer – Hubbard Feeds https://www.hubbardfeeds.com
Alfredo Muskus – Santa Elena Ranch of Texas https://www.santaelenaranch.com

Filming Locations:
Eastern Brahman Extravaganza at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair G5 Ranch in Georgia Briles Farm Brahmans in North Carolina Videographer: Opaliris Studios a Yanasa Ama Ventures company www.yanasa.us

0:00 The World Has A Protein Shortage
0:30 Why Brahman Cattle
3:20 Brahman Cattle Personality Traits
4:00 Brahman Cattle Nutrition and Sustainability
5:53 The Economics of Brahman Cattle
6:26 Brahman Cattle Fertility
7:23 American Brahman Cattle Breed History
7:40 American Brahman Cattle Breed Characteristics
8:20 Brahman Crossbred Cattle
9:44 Brahman Cattle Beef Production
10:13 Breeding Docile Cattle
10:38 Benefits of Cattle Disposition and Production