The Shearing Day

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The story of infamous hand shearer Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford is a a national sheep hand shearing champion and author of the the book Shearing Day. The following is a short film documentary about Kevin Ford including clips from filming Kevin at Peaceful Meadow Farm in North Carolina.

Blade Shearing or Hand Shearing Sheep SHEARING DAY with Kevin Ford “America’s foremost ‘blade’ sheepshearer.” Harvesting wool with Kevin Ford professional sheep shearer and Rising Meadow Farm a sheep farm in Liberty North Carolina. Ford literally wrote the book “Shearing Day: Sheep Handling Wood Science and Shearing with Blades, ” on blade shearing.

Blade sheep shearing is sheep shearing by hand without mechanical devices. While blade shearing is traditional in countries like Ireland, it is largely a lost art around the world. Shearing sheep isn’t inhumane, it is in fact good husbandry. Sheep need us to shear them as we have bread them to produce large amounts of wool and not shed.

0:00 Kevin Ford Sheep Shearer
0:23 What is Blade Shearing
2:01 Rising Meadow Farm Liberty North Carolina
3:35 Learning to Shear Sheep by hand
7:10 Sheep Shearing Pattern
11:40 Sheep Shearing Competition
14:30 Sheep Shearing Tools
19:47 The benefits of Sheep

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