Hog Kill’N

A Good Ol’ Fashion Hog Kill’N

“Yeah Farmers are in trouble”
-Kenneth Briles

A Good Old Fashioned Hog Killing

A Hog Killing is a traditional gathering of families and friends on a day when hog were processed on the farm. The reason for gathering was in order to provide enough man power to harvest the hog while also passing on the skill sets to younger generations. Today, on farm hog processing is becoming less common, but the need to learn these valuable skills remains.

This video was censored by YouTube after gaining over 175,000 views. Until our OTT Platform is running you will need to sign into YouTube to watch the video or select one of our other viewing options. There are many hog butchering videos on YouTube that are not censored. It is unclear why YouTube censored this particular video.

Recommended PG13 Rating